Back when I was young, and even now, it was because of friends that saved me, who supported me, that I’ve managed to come this far.

I am who I am because I have friends.


thank you for 6K+ followers~ =^・ω・^=

pls don’t hurt me aha lookit makoto being all apologetic

this is kind of (a lot) late but thank you so much!! i know i haven’t been drawing much and in terms of the comics i’ve been on an unofficial hiatus and will be until maybe next week but yeah.. 6K+! that’s a lot of you putting up with my dumb puns and cloudcuckoolander-ness

thanks again!

Could you please, please do a little crossover with Haru and Makoto finding Minions (from Despicable Me) and just the general havoc that would ensue from it? Little Minions trying to swim, hehe! I dunno maybe I'm insane haha, in 7 please?